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By  Brock Cravy


A perspective, where I delve into societal shifts to cultural nuances, shedding light on the issues shaping our world today... with bad AI.

In the shadow of colony collapse disorder and the catastrophic effects of pesticides, genetically engineered bees stand as a testament to human ingenuity in the face of environmental challenges...


Now, before we start celebrating this brave new world of designer babies, let's hit pause on the excitement remote.

Human cloning in they style of the movie Gattaca .jpg

Self-righteous anger has emerged as the new drug of choice, captivating people from all walks of life. But unlike traditional drugs, the cycle of outrage addiction is particularly insidious.


In the panorama of American innovation, the contributions of African American scientists and engineers have been profound yet often underappreciated.

year 1975 science laboratory with male and female black scientist working.jpg

Americans' trust in traditional media has reached near-record lows, as highlighted by Gallup's polling data (Jones, 2021).

a group of hillbilly President Trump fanatics..jpg

Oh, and then walks in Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene...


Alan Stern's journey to Pluto is a tale that blends ambition, perseverance, and a dose of cosmic irony. Imagine dedicating over two decades of your life to  an expedition to the solar system's most elusive planet

The planet Pluto small and alone in the vastness of outer space..jpg

Step One of the 12 Steps of Recovery is a powerful reminder: "Admitting that we are powerless over [our addiction]." If we were to apply this principle to partisan politics, the equivalent statement could read, "Admitting that we are powerless over division."


The intersection of elitism and higher education has been a topic of intense debate in recent years, with critics, including some voices on Fox News, suggesting that the Democratic Party is complicit in perpetuating. 

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