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Amplifying the voices of  influencers and their teams.

CEO of Out for Undergrad  (O4U)

Former Advisor to the US Secretary of State on the Working Advisory Group for Religion and Human Rights, and guest of two US Presidents at the White House in recognition of efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination based on religion.

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Tech Investor for BlackRock

His idea? A Tinder-like program that uses a machine learning algorithm to match mentors and mentees who are members of the investment firm’s Out & Allies Network.

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Harrison Choate

Product Marketing Manager at Cash App 

Harvard Student Agencies, winner of the Harold Rosenwald Award for Ethics, recognized for outstanding ethics, business acumen, and commitment to the welfare of the corporation and its members.

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General Manager, Executive in Residence


General Manager of Customer Experience at Meta, providing support to 3.7 billion users, advertisers, businesses, and creators across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all Meta platforms.

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