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Queer Boxing Pilot 
Hooks Nashville

The 52nd Nashville Film Festival Sep. 30 - Oct. 6, 2021

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By, Brock Cravy

September 01, 2021


Brock Cravy's screenplay, "The Tiger of France," has garnered significant acclaim, advancing to the finals at the prestigious Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, where it will be workshopped, and earning finalist status at both the esteemed Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Big Apple International Film Festival. Additionally, it has been recognized in the Top 50 at the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition.

Set in the romantic yet tumultuous backdrop of Paris on the eve of the world championships, "The Tiger of France" tells the poignant and tragic story of André Levessaure, an accomplished super middleweight champion and the world’s first openly gay boxer. The plot thickens dramatically when André is maliciously outed, triggering a frenzy among his devoted fans. This scandal escalates to a chilling climax with the televised murder of André's deceitful lover, intertwining with the high stakes of the impending championship.

The potential of "The Tiger of France" to make a significant impact on screen is profound. Poised to be a pioneering queer sports drama, it would be a rare narrative of its kind in the English language and the only one available across multiple platforms. The screenplay not only highlights the personal and professional challenges André faces but also explores deeper themes of identity, acceptance, and the resilience required to defy societal norms.

The recognition "The Tiger of France" has received in the competitive film festival circuit speaks to its universal appeal and the power of its narrative. This story promises to engage and move audiences, offering a nuanced portrayal of the complexities of queer experiences in the sports world, and fostering a greater understanding of these unique challenges.

" This is a project I am really excited about; something that's missing from the market. "
- Cat Stewart, Screenplay Competition Manager, Nashville Film Festival

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