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Pioneering LGBTQ+ Television: Breaking Boundaries and Shaping History

A Journey Through 'On-Q-Live' and a Young Producer's Impact

By Brock Cravy


In 2004, I embarked on an extraordinary journey as a producer for "On-Q-Live," an internationally syndicated talk show dedicated to Queer news, sports, and entertainment. This trailblazing show found its home on the Q-Television network, a platform that played a pivotal role in shaping LGBTQ+ representation on television. Q-Television proudly held the distinction of being the first LGBTQ+ cable network, preceding the likes of HereTV and Logo.

Amidst the exhilaration of this venture, a historic moment unfolded under my leadership. I had the distinct honor of overseeing the first-ever broadcast featuring a transgender sports reporter, the remarkable Jackie Enx. Through her presence and contributions, we collectively shattered barriers and broadened perspectives in the realm of sports journalism.

As I look back on those transformative times, a deep sense of pride wells up within me. The role we played in shaping social, political, and broadcasting history is a testament to the impact of dedication and vision.


At the age of 25, I notably achieved the honor of becoming the youngest cable television producer during that era. Over that span, I passionately produced over 100 episodes, each one a testament to the vibrant resilience, diversity, and undeniable vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The legacy of "On-Q-Live" and the Q-Television network continues to resonate, underscoring the significance of representation and progressive storytelling in the world of television. As we celebrate the strides we've made, we also recognize the road ahead, where the next generation of LGBTQ+ creators and producers will carry the torch forward, building upon the foundation that was established in those early years.

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