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Beyond Boundaries:

A Call for LGBTQ+ Representation in Sci-Fi & Horror


By  Brock Cravy


LGBTQ+ films have undoubtedly made significant strides recently, and while celebrating this progress is important, there remains a formidable hurdle that our movement has yet to overcome. This challenge stifles our creative potential, confines us within limiting narratives, and restricts our presence in some of cinema's most revered genres.

Although we've witnessed notable advancements, where are the LGBTQ+ horror films and sci-fi epics? Why haven't we seen more gay action heroes taking the lead? In a world that increasingly acknowledges that courage and integrity transcend gender and sexual orientation, it's perplexing that films still lag behind society's evolution.

This is a rallying cry, an impassioned plea directed at directors and producers within the film industry. It's time for you to leverage your influence and take action.

For decades, LGBTQ-focused films have often fallen into a limited set of categories. However, regardless of gender or preference, humans are multidimensional. They are more than their struggles, surpassing basic instincts shared by all creatures. Humans are repositories of knowledge and emotion, and the LGBTQ+ community, like any other, deserves comprehensive and genuine representation.

Imagine a character named "Ripley" This character embodies the archetype of an action hero—charismatic, skilled, knowledgeable, and unwavering in the pursuit of a better world. Now, reimagine this character as gay. No fundamental difference exists between these two versions, except for their sexual orientation. Both iterations can be portrayed in the same manner on screen, even portrayed by the same actor.

Film serves numerous purposes, one of which is to celebrate the vast diversity of human experiences. With countless perspectives to explore, cinema offers an unparalleled insight into foreign concepts, essential for personal growth and understanding. The LGBTQ+ community's stories deserve just as much celebration and documentation as any other community's tales.

Rather than confining LGBTQ narratives to stereotypes and worn-out tropes, why not aim higher? Why not be at the forefront of creating a legendary gay sci-fi masterpiece that rivals genre classics? Why not embrace the opportunity to direct a transgender-centered horror saga, thus etching a place in film history through authentic representation?

Cinema has mirrored societal progress throughout its existence, evolving at an inspiring pace. There's no reason for storytelling to exclude authentic and unique portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters and worlds. By choosing to tell these stories, we can enable audiences worldwide to genuinely celebrate and connect with a diverse and vibrant community—our family.

In conclusion, the remarkable journey of LGBTQ films deserves acknowledgment, yet the road ahead is equally significant. It's a path toward transcending stereotypes, expanding creative horizons, and contributing to a cinematic landscape that mirrors the rich tapestry of human existence.


Directors and producers, the time has come to wield your influence, reshaping the narrative for the better and championing the call for inclusivity and authenticity. The future of film, and the portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community within it, lies in your hands.

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